Wine and Food: let's make a toast with Marco and Monica Bortolini

I wish our customers could smell the territory’s scent as soon as they open the menu

Monica and Marco are two brothers who, besides the restaurant, inherited their father’s nickname. For those of you who don’t live close to Miane, they are better known as Da Gigetto. Namely, Mr. Luigi Bortolini, the owner of this big restaurant (at full speed the restaurant can host up to 400 people), which was born as small guesthouse with kitchen: «I cannot tell you the exact year of birth”, says Marco, “because, back in the days, my grandma used to sell salt here and cook for the messenger of the local authority, who every now and then would come to Miane to deal with administrative tasks”.

Thanks to Luigi, better known as Gigetto, the guesthouse was turned into a restaurant, serving international dishes and hosting chefs from Cortina. This is the place where his children grow up: during the weekends they would help at the restaurant, while throughout the week they would attend the hospitality training institute. At this point, Monica and Marco took separate paths: Marco spent 8 years working for starred restaurants (Sadler, Ca’ Masieri) and catering services, such as the Jolly Hotel Ravenna, «in order to understand the big numbers». Monica discovered her own vocation: wine. Today, the restaurant’s cellar - one of the finest in Italy - is her kingdom.

And the restaurant Da Gigetto carries their signature in the kitchen, in the dining room and in the cellar.

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