Masseria La Sorba

Foss Marai agricola in Puglia

An ambitious wine-growing project that enhances the lands of the Murgia region

There is a place in Apulia that boasts pristine lands with unique environmental conditions. We are talking about the uplands of the Murge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A place of rare beauty, where the distinguishing marks of a history spanning over a thousand years can be felt in every corner.

A place rich in signs of an incredibly ingenious farming civilization, with the famous ‘trulli’ houses, masserie (farms), dry stone walls, wine vats, and other relics that bear testimony to the practice of transhumance. An authentic place, to which Foss Marai decided to offer its experience and passion to breathe life back an area with precious resources, restoring a building of extraordinary architectural value and reawakening its surrounding lands.

Masseria La Sorba (La Sorba farm) stands in Corato, in the area referred to as ‘Pezza della Sorba’, in the district of Torre

This prestigious farm covers over 100 hectares of vineyard overlooked by Castel del Monte and was created as part of an ambitious project to add value to this part of Italy and the precious fruits of its lands. geographic, physical and climatic aspects of the landscape, leading to a sort of co- evolution between mankind and the land..

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