Valdobbiadene DOCG

Guia di Valdobbiadene

The Valdobbiadene area (Prosecco DOCG) is the place where the highest qualitative expression in the world with regards to the production of Prosecco is obtained.

Valdobbiadene is one of the two towns included in the small historical area of Prosecco production (Conegliano - Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG). A unique place in the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. A place where past and present come together.

Foss Marai was born and lives in Guia, in the heart of Valdobbiadene. In this splendid region Foss Marai produces the Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG and its prestigious sparkling wines. A hilly area made up of terrains of varied composition, which give added value. The different thickness of the soil layer and the accumulation of carbonates, iron and manganese in the soil make it possible to cultivate different grapes with multiple characteristics. And there’s more.

The aromatic quality of the grapes is also influenced by the climatic variability, in particular by the range of temperatures after mid September.

Conegliano-Valdobbiadene is a magnificent area, but difficult to cultivate. For many years winegrowers have tilled the hills, inch by inch, to make the soil more suitable, looking after their beloved vineyards with their own hands.

In this region the art of wine growing has become perfectly integrated and superbly developed in harmony with the particular geographic, physical and climatic aspects of the landscape, leading to a sort of coevolution between mankind and the land.


Why is the region of origin so important for Prosecco? The primary characteristics that make the difference in the glass are: the altitude, the ‘terroir’ (the soil composition is different in every area within the same denomination), the exposure of the vineyards, the air, the rainfall, the thermal excursions, and the historical presence of different grape varieties in the vineyards including "LA BIACHETTA" "LA PERERA" "LA VERDISO" etc. 

Last but not least, what makes the difference is the knowledge of the people who have been working here for hundreds of years and who make this territory and the products that come from it, unique, exclusive and inimitable.

Foss Marai Prosecco

Foss Marai was founded in 1986 by the family of Carlo and Adriana Biasiotto, and it is today a reference name in the world of Italian sparkling wines. The philosophy and values that for decades have guided Foss Marai on a path of continuous innovation and refinement of production processes can be identified in one motto: "leniter in itinere" or "slowly traveling", which is focused on bringing together winemaking tradition and avant-garde, in the name of sustainability.

A path in constant evolution: since the year of its foundation, Foss Marai has been inspired by the idea of slowness: by understanding the attention to detail and respect that physiological times that nature requires, Foss Marai was able to outline a process in which quality is a conscious choice every day. For the same reason, which soon became a reference for professionals and enthusiasts, the brand wanted to consolidate its very high standards by specializing in the production of high-end Italian sparkling wines obtained with the Charmat method.

The fine Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG Foss Marai labels are certainly the flagship of this winemaking reality, which has intentionally remained small in volumes but among the largest in terms of quality standards, technical-artisan competence and experimentation.




Prestigious label, coming from historic vineyards in the high hills of Valdobbiadene, Guia Brut Millesimato represents the most refined version of the Foss Marai brut collection. An elegant wine, enhanced by the exclusive and distinctive design of its Foss Marai bottle. It has the role of ambassador in the world of the Unesco Heritage of Valdobbiadene. Guia Brut Millesimato has a refined and fruity bouquet, a rich, enveloping and intense taste, with good flavor and persistence. It is a perfect in combination with shellfish and fish tartare, suitable for accompanying white meats, cheeses, cold cuts, salami. The combination with chocolate is refined.





This wine comes from meticulously selected grapes in historic vineyards of the high-hill pre-Alpine area in Valdobbiadene. A particular and fascinating wine, Nadin Millesimato Dry has a strong residual sugar that makes it round, soft, capable of countless pairings and best at the end of a meal, at the same time you will find it to be enjoyable at any time of day. With its fine perlage, Nadin expresses floral and decidedly fruity notes on the nose, hints that open to a sweet and pleasant taste. It is excellent as an aperitif and at the end of a meal, it goes very well with dry pastries and desserts.



Strada di Guia, 109


The sparkling wine par excellence, this wine best enhances the typical Glera grapes' characteristics from the Valdobbiadene area. Strada di Guia109 Extra-dry is rich in aromas, with acacia and apple standing out in their intensity and elegance. The taste is captivating for its freshness and the residual sugar that harmonize beautifully. This wine enhances delicate dishes based on fish and white meats, perfect at any time of the day to enjoy moments of relaxation.



Strada di Guia, 109


Strada di Guia 109 Brut is a sparkling wine with a captivating scent of sour fruit and acacia flowers typical of the Glera grape from the Valdobbiadene area. With a balanced taste: acidity and residual sugar come together in a single pleasant harmony. Gentle as an aperitif, suitable for fish dishes and delicate cheeses. 


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