Art and Wine: let's make a toast together with Massimiliano Schiavon

We love what we do; it’s not only a job, it’s a real passion

Sometimes life puts us at a crossroads; the most decisive turning points can often be the most painful too. Not everybody has the courage to make a choice. In 2011 Massimiliano Schiavon did choose to take the road that everybody else advised against: he left his father’s company to open his own on the beautiful Murano island and start over. His family history gets lost in time:« “I come from a long line of glassmakers, from chemists to merchants. By the time I was born my parents were already starting the trade business, after leaving the manufacturing sector. I did all kinds of glass-related works because I am not a Master glassmaker, I am a an aficionado. The real success was the combination of myself, Giorgio - who joined the Team in 2011 - and Claudio, who physically does the work. We grew up together and know how to handle each other, we respect one another, we balance each other out and understand each other without talking. When I made the decision to start my own business Claudio came with me immediately. He wasn’t looking for the money, but for a good project, he was willing to build up something together. Nineteen years ago Claudio was making beads, now he is a Master glassmaker».

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