Italian Harvest

To gather and enhance in the Italian wine cellar without ever betraying the vineyard itself

When nature takes on warm hues and the climate becomes colder, there is an intense perfume of grapes in the air. It’s the perfume of autumn. In Italy It’s time to harvest.

Because each and every product is conceived as a work of art, Foss Marai's catalogue represents a collection of jewels with unique quality. This quality is the result of experience gained from many years of artisan skill, from daily research and constant technological innovation.

vineyards in the valdobbiadene region

In Italy the grapes become fully ripe between mid-summer and late October: this is the time for harvesting wine grapes. The vineyards are abuzz with activity and the work in the wine cellars is frenetic. This is the most important time of year for wine production.

At Foss Marai, the harvest is tinted in the colors of the picturesque vineyards in the Valdobbiadene region that surround the family farm.

There is a long row of old stone, brick and wood buildings that have been skilfully renovated over the years by the Biasiotto family to accommodate the administrative offices, showrooms and service areas. Not far away in an adjacent building with several floors, is the area dedicated to production. It is a highly elegant complex that covers approximately 5,000 m 2 . The entire area has a charm of its own and a very sophisticated design, where nature can be felt in every corner and the grapes are transformed into Foss Marai's labels.

In Valdobbiadene the vineyards are very steep by geomorphological nature (because they are created by the retreat of the dolomitic glaciers) and in many cases they are vertical and without terracing, thus following the natural slopes of the land.

Vineyard processing 

Each mowing of the grass and any other type of processing in the vineyard, including the harvest itself, are operations done exclusively by hand, to select the best grapes. Each vineyard in Valdobbiadene produces grapes with different characteristics which Foss Marai collects by area and at different times. Those different grapes are wisely combined to create products that are well distinguished by their personality and characteristics.

Selected yeasts of Foss Marai

Foss Marai for over 30 years have been using a selection of its own natural yeasts in the fermentation phase of the musts, which allows to obtain elegant products, with a fine, non-aggressive, almost creamy perlage: it tickles and does not disturb the consumer's palate.

You can get to know Foss Marai only by tasting it.

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