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Find out below our selection of spumanti, the well known italian sparkling wines

Choose between our spumante brut, marked by a delicate bouquet of yellow fruits and wild flowers, with a hint of peppers, or the rosato spumante,  a warm yet lively rosé spumante wine,and let it inspire you. Enjoy the best sparkling italian wine and make a toast with style.

Surfine - Cuvee Sparkling wine Brut


Cuvee Sparkling wine Brut

Foss Marai Surfine CUVÉE Brut  is the most refined version of the producer ..
· 750 ML ·
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In Italy the grapes become fully ripe between mid-summer and late October: this is the time for harvesting wine grapes. The vineyards are abuzz with activity and the work in the wine cellars is frenetic. This is the most important time of year for wine production.

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When nature takes on warm hues and the climate becomes colder, there is an intense perfume of grapes in the air. It’s the perfume of autumn. In Italy It’s time to harvest.

Because each and every product is conceived as a work of art, and the catalogue of the labels represents a collection of jewels with unique quality. This quality is the result of experience gained from many years of artisan skill, from daily research and constant technological innovation.


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