Foss Marai Experience - Visit the Italian Wine Cellar

Visit the wine italian cellar 

 An experience amid the hills of Valdobbiadene, for a journey into the heart of Foss Marai

You can experience a journey into the heart of Foss Marai amid the hills of Valdobbiadene: Foss Marai opens its doors and is pleased to invite you to visit its wine cellar for guided tours and tastings in the vineyards, and to discover the amenities of its excellent winemaking reality. After your visit, you can relax in the Bottega dello Spumante, set amidst the picturesque hills of Valdobbiadene, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Foss Marai location and amenities

Valdobbiadene is located in Veneto in a beautiful valley in the pre-Alpine area north of Venice and close to Cortina (Dolomites), which are both also Unesco sites. In Valdobbiadene you can observe the production of Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene DOCG, for which the vineyards have to be at an altitude of about 400-600 meters above sea level. Another micro but very famous production obtained within the same area of Valdobbiadene is represented by the more notorious Cartizze. Cartizze is an oenological rarity that embodies the exclusivity of the Prosecco world. Visiting the area you can taste this delicious product in its own precious land.

For some years now Foss Marai has been promoting wine tourism through the "Foss Marai Experience": the company opens the estate’s doors in the suggestive hills of Valdobbiadene and offers its guests guided tours of the winery and production sites, with tasting of its fine sparkling wines and the possibility of direct purchase from the internal wine shop.

Foss Marai wants to make the most of its territory and, with this goal, the company is taking action to expand the food options to offer aperitifs, light dinners and lunches that will re-discover ancient dishes and traditions linked to this very generous region.

During the visit of our cellar, guests will be able to explore aspects of great interest related to the production techniques and research. For example, Foss Marai is one of the few wineries that uses natural local yeasts for the production of sparkling wines, while most of the companies use products available on the market. Continuous experimentation is required on yeast strains, which are obtained from the skin of grapes and are used in the fermentation phase of wine to transform alcohol into sugars and carbon dioxide through a very delicate procedure. In this way, product samples are obtained which, after a rather long period, are subject to blind tastings by a team of experts who define their suitability.

What is Club dei Saggi?

These experts are called "Club dei Saggi" and the tastings are not a trend or a novelty of the last period, but a long-lasting tradition. A group of experts called "wise men" meet periodically, carrying out various phases of blind tasting tests, tasting new products obtained from selections of local Foss Marai yeasts.

The continuous study and research in constantly improving the technique of the Charmat method, in order to obtain products with an exclusive, elegant tone, always at the highest standards. Thanks to these meetings, Foss Marai is able to better focus on the various details that can significantly improve existing products, or to decree the birth of new products capable of earning the Foss Marai brand.

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